Affiliate Marketing – Finding A Niche Is Key

I’ve been selling stuff on the Internet (making money online) since 2003. My first product was an info product (an e-book to be exact, just a PDF file) that I wrote about my divorce, child custody trial and how I won sole custody of my child. I sold that for a few years actively, at around $45 a pop. Those were the “good old days” of internet marketing, it was easy to rank in the SERPs and people paid a ton for information. It’s a little harder these days, but definitely still a viable option to working in a cube waiting to die.

I really think the main thing that you need to do these days (in order to compete with the mega affiliate marketers), is to find a niche market and a product (or solution) that they will buy.

I believe in niches so much, that I created a niche research tool for anyone to use for free. Check it out at NicheHQ.

One niche that I really dove into starting around 2014 was Daily Fantasy Sports. The market exploded with FanDuel and DraftKings coming out on top as the dominant sites in the market. There were (and still are) a number of tools on the market to help you build lineups. So I built a review site to help people decide on which DFS lineup optimizer to use (these tools are subscription based). Each time a person followed a link from my site and subscribed to one of these tools, I would get a commission each month as long as they kept their subscription active.

Affiliate marketing is awesome. I love it. It really is a pure performance based model and it works for both the affiliate and the company running the program. They don’t have to pay anything unless you perform, so you have to hustle and know your game. It is a marketers dream. Learning how to become an affiliate marketer is not difficult at all. It just requires some time, practice, and common sense.