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You’ve got a general topic area for your blog, and the ideas for the first few pages and posts roll off your fingers like you were born to so this stuff, but then day 2 arrives and you feel like you don’t have anything to write about. Now what?

Coming up with a list of ideas to write about can be a real bitch.

There are a few sites that are blog idea generators. You can Google the term and find them for yourself if you’re interested. But I won’t link to them because you might actually use them, just like the thousands of other people that hit the “blog idea” wall. Then what? You create a post with the same topic as thousands of other bloggers, and sit at the bottom of the SERPs forever.

I’ve got a better way to come up with topics to write about, assuming you have a general topic you want to write about.

Use Freely Available Tools To Do Keyword Research

Tools create by Google and Moz are great for doing SEO keyword research.

Create yourself an AdWords account, and use the Google Keyword Tool to see what searches look like. Once logged in, click on “Tools” in the top menu and select “Keyword Planner”. Click on the “Find New Keywords” panel that pops up, enter your keywords then click the “Get Started” button. Something similar to the following screen should appear. Click “Download Keyword Ideas” to do your analysis offline and save for later.

You can also head over to Moz, if you don’t already have an account you can create one for free. The Moz Keyword Explorer is a great tool. You get 10 free searches a month, related keywords are generated, search volume is there, a few useful metrics, and you can export to Excel for sorting and filtering.

Once you have your killer keywords identified, add some buyer intent keywords to create your blog post title, then write away. Creating killer content on things people are actually searching for is one of the bricks in the path to success.

As an example, you find out that “natural blood pressure remedy” is something people are searching for. Add “Best” to the beginning, and the current year to the end and you end up with “Best Natural Blood Pressure Remedy 2018”, but remember we don’t create spammy bullshit that is written for search engines. We write informative, well researched articles for human beings that want to buy things. So do your research on current trends, research, products, etc that are relevant to your topic and share with your audience. They will love you, and you will make money.

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