Is your web developer or SEO guy ripping you off?

Not getting the results you hoped for out of that person you hired to do your web work? It’s OK, I’ll help with that. Here’s the bottom line up front on this offer: I’m a Marine Corps vet that builds killer websites and knows how to get you traffic. Perfect for affiliate marketers, MLM, small […]

Blog Ideas

You’ve got a general topic area for your blog, and the ideas for the first few pages and posts roll off your brain like water off a ducks back, but then day 2 arrives and you feel like you don’t have anything to write about. Now what? There are a few sites that are “blog […]

Writing every day?

When I think about what it takes to write every day, I immediately start thinking about everything I have to do to get ready to write. Why, I’ll need to create a spreadsheet that contains all the topics I’dd write about. Then I’ll need to create somewhere to keep the drafts, should I just keep […]

Making Money: DFS vs Sports Betting

I started working on some DFS related products back in 2015. This required that I do a LOT of research and a lot of playing of DFS contests on FanDuel, DraftKings and a few of the lesser sites (some of which are no longer around). I love DFS, it has brought a completely new level […]

Travel Trailer Checklists

I finally bought a camper, travel trailer, RV, whatever you want to call it. It’s a little house on wheels that is designed for pulling along behind my truck. I also currently pull with a 2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab 4×4 with the 5.7 liter engine and the factory tow package. The camper I finally […]

Should You Save For Retirement or College Tuition For The Kids?

Retirement Savings or College Funding If you have kids, money can be tight and you will have to make choices. If you’re planning on putting money away into your child’s college account while trying to also save for retirement, you may wonder about which one should be the priority? Should You Save for Retirement or Your […]