What I’m doing now

I’m in my home area of Stafford, VA

Doing lot of maintenance around the house, stuff that we put off for years while paying private school tuition for our kids.

I’m also putting a lot of time into building a digital marketing agency that I started a few months ago. Bound to put that damn college degree to use someday.


I started running in September 2017 and ran in two 5k’s. In February 2018 I added weight training to the mix. My blood pressure has done down significantly in that time, which I’m pretty happy about. I’ve also started eating differently, I think “intermittent fasting” is the term, and restricting my caloric intake to 2200 a day.

The Power of No

Read this book back in early 2014 and have been applying the concepts liberally. Life changing.

Last Update: 26 June 2018