Writing every day?

When I think about what it takes to write every day, I immediately start thinking about everything I have to do to get ready to write. Why, I’ll need to create a spreadsheet that contains all the topics I’dd write about. Then I’ll need to create somewhere to keep the drafts, should I just keep my drafts local, or on Google drive, in a folder, until I’m done writing and then post to my site? Good grief, it becomes overwhelming, then I remember that this is how I screw myself all the time.

I suffer from “shiny object” syndrome, and I can assure you that I’m not alone.

When I get myself pumped to start working a project, I gather my tools, then notice one needs a little tweaking, so I get that taken care of, then I read up on how to get these widgets to play together, then Google finds me a tool that already has everything wired up if I subscribe, and then I start reading about the tool, then it’s time to go to bed.


Setting all that aside is an issue, and I realize it, but have to consciously push forward through the fog.

So here we are, July 25th 2018 and I’m sitting in a hotel room in Syracuse, brainstorming topics and writing this post and a reminder of the day I thought “Shit, I really need to crank out some words.”

I’ve set a goal to post every day in August 2018 for no other reason than to see how my brain reacts to having to focus for an hour each day on some random topic.



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